Would You Lend Money To A Date

You’ve started dating someone new. Things are going good, you’re getting to know one another. You get to know each other a little bit. Things are going fine.

Then one night, you leave her house after a date and making out a little bit on the sofa, and she says, “Hey, I’ve got no cash left. I’m going to brunch with a friend tomorrow, can I borrow like $20?”

When do you start lending money to people that you’re dating?

How about never? Why would you start lending money to people you date? You probably don’t even lend money to your family, so why would you start lending money to someone you’ve just started dating?
It’s not lending money. It’s called supporting them. When a woman, or even a man, starts asking you for money so they can get lunch and other things, you know what I would do? I’d look into my fridge, get out my lunchbox that I have left over from when I was kid, and I’d hand it to them with a peanut butter sandwich and a juice pack inside, and I say, “Here’s your lunch. Enjoy.”

You don’t start lending money to someone you’re just getting to know as a romantic partner, because that means you’ve started supporting them. Unless you want to start supporting your dates, I strongly suggest you go to eBay, type in the search term “lunchbox”, and order a few of these little things at like $2 apiece. You can get Barbie, Planet of the Apes, Six Million Dollar Man, Brady Bunch, all sorts.

So the next time you’re dating a woman and she says she’s a little short before she goes out to breakfast with her friends and you’ve got a few bucks, ask her what she likes to eat, toss a couple hard-boiled eggs in that lunchbox and hand it to her on her way. Otherwise, you’re supporting her.

That’s how I feel about lending money to people you date.