Will You Settle In Your Next Relationship?

Sometimes I believe that marriage is for guys who don’t believe they can ever get laid.

And I know a lot of you guys right now are thinking, “Well that’s great David, but I’m single right now.

For those of you who are thinking that, I want you to recognize right now: You might end up in a relationship in the spring. You might end up marrying the first girl who actually sleeps with you, or the first girl who shows a lot of interest in you, or the first one that really, really likes everything about you as a person.

When it comes down to getting married, most guys settle. Most guys decide to marry somebody based on convenience. Maybe they don’t want to be single anymore, maybe they don’t want to go back out there and start trying to look for somebody new, maybe they think they don’t have the skills to go back out and meet women again.

So you may be reading this right now thinking to yourself, “This guy’s crazy. I’m so far away from getting married right now in my life.”

I’m not crazy. I’ve been around for 49 years. And I’ve had tons of guys come in and out of my life. And I’ve seen a lot of you get married right away to somebody you aren’t even attracted to. Or somebody you don’t even want to be with. Why? Because she was “good enough.” Or because you were attracted to her just enough for it to be ok. Maybe she wasn’t exactly what you wanted, but she was good for right now. So you ended up marrying her.

I’d like to warn all of you who are single and free right now: marriage is not the end all be all. Marriage is great if you find somebody you want to be with. But it’s up to you to explore yourself, to explore your own sexuality, to have fun with women, and not to give in to the first person who falls for all your crap.

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