Facts: What Really Attracts Women To Men

Guys, if you’re still wondering what women want, there are a few simple answers to that question. As a woman, I am here to give you honest answers. There are certainly many sarcastic answers to the question, “What attracts women?” Some girls will chase after fame. Some women, unfortunately, do want a man with a nice car and lots of money, but you likely won’t find happiness with someone who is looking for a relationship with your wallet.

You don’t need material things to get a girl. These answers are intended for men who want to attract and cultivate relationships with women who are worth their time. So, what attracts women? I’ve narrowed it down to four basics:


Please don’t read that wrong: I’m not talking about money. Success is part of what attracts women, but you can find success in many places. A great, well-paying job is fine and well, but you don’t have to have a flashy resume to impress a woman. Everyone is good at something, so be sure to let your strengths shine! If you play music, dazzle a girl you like with a serenade. If you enjoy sports, participate in a team. Women take pride in their relationships. They want to be able to speak glowingly about your talents and accomplishments when someone brings you up in a conversation. This is success, and women want it in a man.


While it can easily be said that a man who can provide for her is what attracts women, what you provide her can differ. You can provide a feeling of protection, entertainment, levity or maturity. In fact, these things are all essential in a relationship.

One of the two of you will almost certainly be providing them for the other, and your strengths may be her weaknesses. The saying is, “opposites attract,” and it’s true. As you’re not looking to have a relationship with a woman just like you, your differences to a woman will be appealing and strengthen your bond in a relationship.


Okay, guys. This is a big one. I’ve known some very clean bachelors, but the vast majority seems to rebel against the notion of hygiene enthusiastically. Your laundry basket is where dirty clothes go. The dresser and closet are for clean ones. A vacuum cleaner or broom isn’t the enemy and neither is a dust rag. The little guy in the bathroom is a toothbrush, and he is best of friends with that tube of goo called toothpaste. If the bottom of the toilet bowl doesn’t match the exterior, it’s time to brush it. The notion of taking care of a man who won’t do it for himself is definitely not what attracts women.

You should look clean and live cleanly. You don’t have to hire a maid, and you don’t need to spend every waking moment polishing your stainless steel flatware. However, picking up after yourself is easy. Wearing a shirt that hasn’t been rumpled up on the floor for three days is a better way to attract women than to choose one that has.


I almost hate to write about this, but I feel that if I didn’t, it would be a disservice. It’s true: Romance is a big part of what attracts women. Every woman you meet has grown up watching movies with princes and she expects to be treated like a princess. Many women continue to delude themselves with romance movies and novels, which similarly make the promise of breathtaking, heart pounding passion. They’re garbage. We know they’re garbage. The reality of the dating scene has awakened most women to the reality that they can’t have all of that, but they still cling to the idea that men are capable of some romance. What’s even more interesting is that women don’t typically respond well to men who act overly romantic. Go overboard, and we think you’re clingy. So, we strap you with this lose-lose situation in which you’re forced to find a balance — a balance nobody ever bothered to tell you about.

The good news is that romance doesn’t have to be hard. An occasional flower or a quiet dinner in which you don’t whip out your cell phone and start texting but give her your devoted attention can give your girl the warm fuzzy feelings she longs for.

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    I’m still learning from you, while I’m trying to achieve success with women. I definitely liked reading everything that is posted here.