Voices Inside Your Head

There it is again… that “little voice” inside your head telling you NOT to make your move with a certain woman.

It’s completely possible you should listen to it. Here’s why…

Granted…if you’re hearing voices like the Son Of Sam did telling you to perform dastardly deeds, then you need a different type of “professional” than me.

That goes without saying—either inside your head or otherwise.

But…assuming you’re a normal, well-adjusted individual that subtle, inaudible inkling in your mind just might be your CONSCIENCE speaking.

Or more probably, it could be your sense of better judgment.

And yes…that premise applies to situations where you’re in the moment thinking about approaching a woman you’ve never met, or “making a bold move” to ask out a woman who’s already in your social circle.

What in the world am I talking about?

Let’s just cut to the chase here. Sometimes—despite EVERYTHING you’ve been told over and over again about the importance of nutting up and approaching women regardless—sometimes you really SHOULDN’T.

Yeah, yeah…I know. This is a completely contrary thought.

And sure, most of the time you really SHOULD plow through anxiety and insecurity so as to reward yourself—and her—with a bold, confident introduction.

But when you hear doubts in your head that AREN’T tied to shyness or insecurity? THAT’S when you’ve got to have your radar tuned to a completely different frequency in order to pick up those signals properly.

Let me give some examples.

The obvious ones would include when woman’s married or has a boyfriend—especially a jealous one with a tendency to fly off the handle and kill people dead with guns.

Just about all of us would know we’re flirting with disaster in those situations…literally.

And don’t kid yourself, if you think you’re being a “hero” by shirking common sense and going for it anyway, you’re just creating unnecessary complexity and drama in your life.

Any man who recognizes the abundance of potential choices among women out there would stay away…and rightly so.

But what about other, more subtle indicators that might cause that voice in the back of your mind to start sounding a “red alert”? Those are the ones we might miss if we’re “clouded by beauty-vision” in the moment.

That’s right…if you get right down to it, today’s newsletter is REALLY about dealing effectively with those classic situations where the “small head” is in grave danger of thinking for the “big head”.

Get my drift?

Case in point. You’re on a business trip and leaving to catch a plane home in a few hours. In your mind, you KNOW that if you succeed at creating an instant, strong connection with that hottie you’ve got your eye on it’s only going to end in utter FRUSTRATION.

After all, you probably won’t see each other ever again, and will be left to wonder.

At best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) you’ll get roped into buying a plane ticket to go see her again…and whether you REALLY get along in that context is WIDE OPEN, if you’re realistic about it.

If a “little voice” is telling you to let it go rather than satisfying your immediate urge to see what she’s like, that’s probably why.

Or how about this?

You find a particular woman in your social circle VERY sexy. But you also have every reason to believe that she’s interested in LOCKING DOWN the next guy she dates because she’s all but desperate to get married and start making babies.

In the back of your mind, you really suspect that she’d put the “full court press” on you…possibly even working the angles to get pregnant by you. But that’s NOT what you want in your life at the moment.

Better listen to your conscience on that one also.

Or, it could be that you have raging “warm-fuzzies” for a particular woman, but from a compatibility perspective you fully realize that the two of you are COMPLETELY wrong for each other.

And then there’s what’s arguably the most poignant example of all: She’s sexy as all get-out at the physical level, but you KNOW she’s either psycho or otherwise incapable of any kind of healthy relationship with a man whatsoever.

Deep down you know it’s a ridiculously bad and naïve idea to try to “fix her”…so that sense of “better judgment” is telling you (make that SCREAMING at you) to “stay away”.

I get your e-mails, so I know for a fact that some of you have faith-based reasons for wishing to avoid sexual intercourse before marriage.

If that’s the case, man…you’d better listen to whatever’s in your noggin telling you to avoid that impossibly sexy vixen who you KNOW doesn’t share your beliefs.

And guess what? The OPPOSITE scenario is also true.

If you have no such moral restrictions and have your eye on a woman who DOES, you might hear that “little voice” trying to tell you THAT’S not going to end well either.

And that voice is absolutely correct. Your choices if you proceed anyway are frustration, drama, or flat-out resentment.

I can hear some of you saying, “Yeah McKay, but I’m not going to MARRY all of these chicks. What’s the big deal if I indulge in a little fun here and there with women who might be trouble?”

Hmm…I could form a line from here to the moon of men who got royally BURNED by that line of reasoning…and are still paying for their mistakes, possibly for the rest of their lives. Need I elaborate?

The bottom line here is this: What we’re talking about is a MAJOR difference between how immature “little boys” act compared to mature, more evolved men.

You could also say that men who are CHOOSERS with an abundance mentality (both good things) are the ones who are more likely to heed the “voice inside their head”.

Isn’t it time to tell your “small head” to “grow a pair”?

If you’ll pardon two bad puns in consecutive sentences, that would give you the “whole package” when it comes to succeeding with women in the way that will bring you the most joy and the least amount of pain.

Be Good,
Scot McKay

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