Understanding Women, Women Are Emotional Creatures

It’s time we understood women a little bit more.

The other day, a woman posted on my blog. She posted this:

I am so angry right now, David. 1-800-FLOWERS has ruined my Valentine’s Day. It’s ridiculous. My Valentine’s Day flowers did not come and it ruined my whole day.

Can you imagine thinking that way? Can you imagine if your Valentine’s Day was ruined? The only thing that I think would ever ruin my day was if I bought Super Bowl tickets and they never came. Maybe that would ruin an hour or a moment.

But here’s the deal, guys: women are emotional creatures. They’re vulnerable. They react to things that men would never react to. Men would never react to something like this, ever. One day does not make a difference to us.

When another Valentine’s Day is in the rear view mirror, we’re happy about it. We could care less. But a lot of men don’t understand women. They are so consumed with really just getting a phone number or getting good at picking up, or learning how to approach. And they’re really missing the whole thing.

You’ve got to understand the women that you’re approaching. You’ve got to read up on this creature because she is so different than you will ever be. Her brain is wired different; her body is wired different; her thought process and the way she communicates is different. So if you’re only studying pick-up and how to meet women, you’re missing everything!

When you study attraction, you need to study the person that you’re actually trying to meet—the entire female species. You have to understand all of this stuff, and here’s what I expect all of you to do: pick up a Cosmo magazine or go to cosmo.com and understand what women are thinking about, what their frustrations are.

Go see a romantic comedy. There is always a rom-com the movie theaters—go watch one and understand what women react to and what they’re thinking about. Go out one night and instead of picking up women, sit at a table next to a group of women and eavesdrop and listen to what they’re talking about, to what they’re reacting to, to what’s important in their lives.

Don’t worry if you’re in the friend zone—it’s good to be in the friend zone this way. A lot of guys will complain. They’ll get angry. They’ll get pissed. But it’s important to have these women as friends, because you will learn from them. You will understand them.

You need to understand the enemy. It’s so important. It’s something that so many men don’t do. They’re so consumed with pick-up. So consumed with the approach. But, if you don’t understand what you’re approaching, and if you don’t understand the mindset of what you’re approaching, then, in reality, you’re never going to get good at this. It’s like being a quarterback that only knows how to throw the pass down the middle of the field, but can’t read the defense to the left of the line.

You’re sacked. You’re done.

So guys, make sure to put in some time studying film. You’ll never be a Peyton Manning of pick-up if you don’t study the game. And my friends, the game is women, not techniques.