Treat All Women The Same

How many of you can talk to women that you’re not attracted to? How many of you have no problem talking to women you just don’t find pretty? Or older women? Or grannies? Or the young girls that are younger than you that you’re not interested in.

How many of you have no problem communicating with women? Listen to the way that I’m stating this right now: How many of you have no problem communicating with women? (If you’ve noticed, I didn’t add any adjectives to that like “pretty” or “super hot” or—let’s talk like PUA’s for a second—“HBs”, “Hens”, “9.7s”.) Notice I’m not saying any of that stuff. This is something that all of you need to ask yourselves right now: what’s the difference between a woman you’re not attracted to and a woman you are attracted to?

Absolutely nothing at all.

About 10 years ago, I was really good friends with this woman. She was hot. Super hot. We went out a few times but didn’t have that actual chemistry that either one of us craved. It happens. We decided to be friends.

She was going to a party one night, and she called me up and said, “David, I want you here. I want you to come to this party, because all of my good-looking friends are going to be here, and I know you’re going to get along with them. And who knows, you might find somebody you like.”

So I brought a couple of friends. We went to the party, and after about an hour of walking around, with my buddies talking to all of these women, I turn to this girl that I’m friends with, and I say, “Hey, listen. My buddies are getting antsy right now. You’ve got the B team here right now. When’s the A team coming?” And I said it with a little smile. She looks at me and told me that it was the ‘A-team.’

So I sat down with her. I mentioned how funny the situation was. “This is the reason why men and women have so much trouble. My buddies want the A-team, but yet they have trouble connecting with the A-team. You look at all of your friends as the A team. Every woman in here to you is absolutely beautiful. Not one of these women woke up this morning and thought to themselves, ‘God I’m ugly. I wish a guy would talk to me right now. I wish a guy would still talk to me right now. I hate being so ugly. Why can’t guys talk to me?’ All of them think they’re good looking. All of them find themselves attractive. My buddies in here would freeze if they were around a woman that they found attractive, but yet your friends, they can talk to effortlessly. Isn’t it amazing?”

I then sat down with all of these guys, and I looked at them, and I said, “Hey guys. How come you can’t talk to the pretty one, but you can talk to these ones?” And they said told me that ‘these women are different.’

Here’s the deal: they’re not different. They’re only different in your head. All women are wired exactly the same. If you can talk to a woman that you’re not attracted to, you can talk to a beautiful one.

I did a seminar last year, and I put masks on women, and all of the guys walked over and had no problem talking to them. The second I pulled the masks off they couldn’t spit a word out. They got nervous and the conversations died.

Here’s the deal, and it comes in a catchy saying too: Treat all women the same, and you will have game.

And that’s all I have to say about that.