Tired Of Putting Your Tail Between Your Legs Due To Approach Anxiety

Are you paying attention to all of the magic moments you have each day? I’m talking about those seemingly “random” scenarios that give you opportunities to fulfill a desire that you’ve had.

They happen all the time.

Nowadays, my favorite magic moments happen around meeting women. It’s so much fun! But it wasn’t always the case.

Listen, I’m going to share something personal with all of you today.

I’m going to bring you back to a time in my life when not only was my tail between my legs, my balls were so far up, people probably thought I was a eunuch.

There are defining moments in life. We’ve all lived them; we’ve all had them.

I’m going to take you back to one of my defining moments, and I’m going to tell you how I’ve grown as a result of that defining moment.

It was the beginning of my 10th grade school year. There was this girl, her name was Laura, and she was hot.

I’m talking about off the charts hot. I can close my eyes now and remember exactly what that 9th grader looked like. That’s how hot she was.

Every guy wanted to meet her. Every guy wanted to hang with her. She was friendly, she was a freshman, and she was available.

One day—and I remember this day like it was yesterday—I was walking into the library. At one side of the library, there were these glass windows, leading out to the parking lot. On the other side were all these pictures.

Me, being the aimless, clueless 10th grader that I was, I was staring at the cars and staring at the pictures and not paying attention to much else.

And then there she was: big, bold, and hot.

Standing 13 yards in front of me was Laura. She was about to walk through the turnstile to leave the library.

(You remember those turnstiles, don’t you? The ones they used to make sure you didn’t steal the books?)

Well, she made it through the turnstile. Now she was seven yards away.

Five yards away.

At this point, my mind was cranking, 100 miles an hour. What do I say, what do I do? This is it. This is my defining moment. One-on-one, with Laura. I can’t blow it.

Two yards away.

Heart beating fast, mouth getting dry, we’re about to be on top of each other.

Zero yards away.

She looked at me, I looked at her, and she dropped all of her books to the ground—every one of them! One of her books actually glanced off of my Adidas Superstars and bounced back up in the air. I remember thinking, “Wow, I should’ve caught that one. Would’ve been so cool.”

But I didn’t.

I stopped. She stopped. I looked at the books, I looked at her, and you know what I did?


I walked through that turnstile and never looked back. She probably never looked back, either, because throughout all high school, she never talked to me, ever.

That magic moment could have changed my entire high school career. Can you imagine if I went out with Laura? The validation? The cool factor I would have had?

Here was a golden opportunity to make a connection with a girl that I was crushing over, and I blew it.

Nowadays, I would have poked fun at her for moisturizing with butter, as I got on one knee and helped her with her books. Then I would observe the books she dropped and made a comment about one of them—possibly one I’ve read or been wanting to read.

Laura and I would have talked and laughed for a few minutes. I then would have said that I’ve got to go, and that she should give me her number.

And that would have been the beginning of something special.

So I don’t feel bad for making that mistake all those years ago. It’s made me the man I am today.

But we all get these magic moments, and a surprising fact is that we get them often.

So open your eyes, get out of your head, and take advantage of these moments. Don’t let your anxiety keep you from something special.