The Power of Eye Contact

So there she is, standing in line, waiting for her latte.  Oh, she’s so hot.  She’s like 5’3″, 105lbs. Cute little spinner. You can even start to smell her great perfume that she has on. She’s got an ass that looks like a heart-shaped moon. Everything about her is exactly what you want.  

So you think to yourself, “I’ve got to come up with something to say.” You’re thinking long and hard about something smooth. What do I do? How do I open her? After what feels like hours, you finally come up with a clever opener.

You notice that she fumbled her drink lid when she grabbed the latte. It hit the ground, bounced and rolled past her, as she was bent over reaching for it. She looked like a total klutz.  

So you decide that you’re going to walk over to her and say, “Geez, do you have grease on your fingers? You’ve been working on cars all day long?” It’s first thing that came to your mind. Doesn’t matter if it makes it right or wrong, it’s just what came to your mind. So you walk over to her, and you say that, but you look down on the ground while you say it. And she says, “No, I’m just having a rough day” and immediately walks away.

Here’s the key:  it doesn’t matter what you say, it’s how you say it. But most importantly, it’s all about your eye contact.  

You have to look at her directly in the eyes and you have to own your words. If you’re going to bust on her about her greasy fingers, you have to look at her while you say it. Make direct eye contact and say it with a smile. Do this and you’ll be successful 85% of the time. Otherwise you’re just being a dick.

Women are tired of guys coming up to them with lame pickup lines. They’re tired of guys saying random things with no eye contact or powerful body language. Women are tired of men who don’t own their words.  

Eye contact is key, so what I want you to do this week is to practice eye contact. Everybody you talk to, I want you to have direct eye contact the second you start talking to them. If you feel yourself breaking eye contact before them, you need to hold out longer and remind yourself that you’re working on eye contact all week.

It’s very important for you to get direct, powerful, strong eye contact. Be that strong alpha male that you desire to be.  Women crave it.  Women want it, and women desire it.