The Number One Thing That Scares Women Every Time

Are you guilty of doing this?

95% of men do this every day without realizing it.

Most guys are so clueless; they’ll go out with their friends and actually do this as a pack.

So what is “this”?

And how are you doing “this”?

And why is “this” the number one thing that scares women away?

Well, as a man, we’re all wired the same way. We see a woman, and we need to look at her many times.

We need to check her out three, four, five times. When she walks by us, we need to turn around and check out her butt. We need a full-on visual image of her.

It’s in our biology. It’s part of what makes us men, right?

Sure, but THIS is also the number one reason women run, hide, and freak out at our behavior.

I want you to go out and watch the way women check out men. It’s so subliminal; we may not even notice it.

You’ll never see a woman doing THIS: Man walks by. She turns her head; her eyes and facial features become locked. She imagines what his dick looks like. She then turns her body and watches his butt as he walks away. 10 feet. 15 feet…

You’ll never see a woman looking at a man 14 times over and over again.

You need to stop doing THIS.

Here’s the deal:

You’re doing it. I know you are. Most men are.

I’ve stopped doing it because I’ve learned how to check out women like a woman checks out a man. (These are like secret Samurai techniques.)

It’s that smile. It’s that quick look. It’s the quick words, “hello,” whatever it might be. But I perform an action that moves things forward. It’s never just a wide-eyed stare.

When I started learning how to check out women very subtly, like they do us, I became immensely successful in meeting women.

And I no longer suffer from this incredible disease called bitch-itis. Symptoms of bitch-itis include staring at women like hungry puppy dogs without actually saying anything or walking over and saying hello.

So if you want to separate yourself from the other 95% of men out there, learn to control that biological desire to constantly check out women as they pass, and start training yourself to be more subtle and then act—act on your desires if they arise.

The ladies out there will appreciate it.

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