Talking To Shop Girls

I have the hots for shop girls.

You know, the cute girl you see at Starbucks who works behind the counter? Think of the woman who works the Men’s department at Nordstrom’s. Maybe the waitress you see at the neighborhood bar every Friday night. How many of you have that crush on that shop girl, but just don’t know exactly how to close the deal or how to distinguish yourself from the crowd?

Here’s something that I like to say to women all the time when I walk into a shop: I look at them and ask, “Do you enjoy working here?” And I talk a little bit about the job and then I’ll ask, “What time do you get off?” And they’ll look at me and they’ll say, “I get off at 9.” I would say, “Really? You get off at 9? That’s pretty hot. That’s early to get off. I usually get off around 11 because it helps me sleep at little bit better. You see, when I get off at 11 and have a really good, fun time before I get off, I tend to get a better night’s sleep. I tend to sleep like a little baby if I got off really good.”

And when you say this, you have to say it with a big smile on your face. Act goofy, act funny, but look her directly in the eye when you speak to her. I know most of you right now are reading this and thinking to yourself, “That David Wygant is out of his mind. I’m not going to walk up to a woman and ask what time she gets off, and tell her I’d like to get off with her.”

Why not? Why not have fun? A lot of you guys like structure; you like to have things to say before you go and actually talk to a woman. Well here’s the deal: I’m not like that. I don’t like to have things pre-determined to say. I prefer––when I go connect with a women––to observe, react to my observation, listen, and have a conversation. Sometimes I just like to have fun. Sometimes I like to just be goofy, and sometimes I like to just get a little naughty, like from the get go.

So the next time you see a woman working at Starbucks that you’ve got a crush on, I want you to look at her directly in her eyes and say, “Hey, how’s this job going for you, is it good?” She’s going to look at you and say whatever she says and you’re going to listen, react, and have a conversation.

And you’re going to go out there and you’re going to do this, and you’re going to perfect it and you’re going to have fun. It’s a great way to be memorable. It’s a great way to break through fear. And it’s a great way for you to maybe even get off.