Things That May Impress The Girl You Like

While women don’t need a guy with movie-star looks, they are going to pay attention to how you look. If you truly want to know how to impress a girl you must make sure that you are covering the bases in your appearance. You, surprisingly enough want to start with your shoes. You wouldn’t think […]

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This Is How A Natural Would Talk To Girls

Why do so many men become tongue tied when it is time to talk to girls? It seems like they can be the most eloquent speaker in the group and a girl walks in and they don’t know what to say or how to say it. I think what happens is that men realize that […]

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10 Tips On How Get A Girl To Like You

There are questions that are asked over and over again by generations of men. Be it 17th, 19th or 21st century a man wants to know how to get a girl like him. There is no definite answer to this question, there is no universal recipe but there are continuous attempts to understand the way […]

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Flirting Tips Every Man Should Know

Young Couple Flirting

Ever since the first caveman saw the first cave woman, life revolved around one thing; how to impress her enough to ensure she wanted to be your cave woman and not the guy living in cave 2B. Although it may have started with beating your chest and grunting, the art of flirting has progressed over […]

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15 Tips For Talking To Girls

Guy Talking To A Girl

Girls are different from men. That much is sure, and also well-known. They like different things, they think differently, they talk differently (not to mention a lot) and they are not easy to understand sometimes. It might be tough to approach the girl for the first time, to ask her out for the first time, […]

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Top 20 Flirting Tips

Tips For Flirting

Flirting is a game with its own rules and tricks. A novice can fail very badly. Of course, nothing really bad happens if it does not work out for you but it adds a lot to getting a girl to like you if you are a good flirt. Below you will find 20 tips that […]

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Conversation Starters That You Should Try

Part of what keeps men from approaching women is that they just don’t know women. A lot of guys worry that they will walk up to a woman and be completely tongue tied. There are a few ways to overcome that and they all boil down to preparation. Jackie Kennedy was considered one of the […]

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