10 Tips On How Get A Girl To Like You

There are questions that are asked over and over again by generations of men. Be it 17th, 19th or 21st century a man wants to know how to get a girl like him. There is no definite answer to this […]

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Flirting Tips Every Man Should Know

Young Couple Flirting

Ever since the first caveman saw the first cave woman, life revolved around one thing; how to impress her enough to ensure she wanted to be your cave woman and not the guy living in cave 2B. Although it may […]

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15 Tips For Talking To Girls

Guy Talking To A Girl

Girls are different from men. That much is sure, and also well-known. They like different things, they think differently, they talk differently (not to mention a lot) and they are not easy to understand sometimes. It might be tough to […]

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Top 20 Flirting Tips

Tips For Flirting

Flirting is a game with its own rules and tricks. A novice can fail very badly. Of course, nothing really bad happens if it does not work out for you but it adds a lot to getting a girl to […]

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