Supermarket Game

Paper or plastic?

For those of you who have purchased my audio programs, you have heard me talk about always meeting women in Whole Foods. But I realize, there just aren’t enough Whole Foods to go around in this country of ours, and a lot of you don’t even have Whole Foods because you live out of the country.

So I want you to substitute Whole Foods for Safeway, Ralph’s, Albertson’s, Piggly Wiggly’s, or Publix. A lot of you also realize that there are a ton of beautiful women in supermarkets because there is something that all women do: they eat. And they’ve got to get the food in the same places that you do—supermarkets.

So the reason why I’m always pushing supermarkets on all of you constantly is because one thing that all people do is eat and shop. That’s why I always list supermarkets as on of the great places to meet women.

So, work on owning that supermarket, or becoming really memorable in that market. Have fun in that market, so the people who work in that market are actually anticipating you coming in. They’re talking about you in the lunchroom. “Hey, when is that David Wygant coming in? When is he coming in to brighten my day? When’s he coming in to be that memorable shopper?”

Most people that work in markets are in constant “paper or plastic” mode. They barely even look up; they barely even recognize a customer because they just want to punch the clock, make their money, go home, and live their life.

But you’re going to change that because you’re going to make the supermarket your playground and you’ve got to start with the employees. You’ve got to get to know all the people. Get to know the guy that cuts the meat. Get to know the person that scoops your fish into the container. You have to know the person that scoops the food. You have to know the person that makes your sandwich.

Talk to them. Find out things about them. Because that way when a beautiful woman is standing there, you go and you get preferential treatment, and she’ll wonder why she doesn’t. She’ll want to know you.

The most important people in the supermarket are the paper and plastic dealers. And those are the people you really want to know. At some point you’re going to be in line behind somebody or someone’s going to be behind you and you’re going to want to meet them. So you’re going to want to get the cash register person to break the ice for you.

Here’s what I love to do over and over again: whenever I hear a woman, whenever a woman ever says to me in line or the check out person says to me in line, paper or plastic, I look at them directly in their eyes, and say, “Oh, no, no, no. I don’t want paper or plastic.” And then I’ll hold my arms out and pretend like I’ll carry it all out right there in my arms. They laugh. The people in line will laugh. It’s an icebreaker.

You then can turn to the woman behind you and ask, “Are you a paper or plastic person? Which one are you?” Or, “Let me see your arms.” And you can start stacking groceries on her arms and having fun, immediately creating intimacy of touch and having a good time.

Just remember to have fun. And it starts with making yourself memorable to the most important people in your supermarket day game environment—the cashiers.