Conversation Starters That You Should Try

Part of what keeps men from approaching women is that they just don’t know women. A lot of guys worry that they will walk up to a woman and be completely tongue tied. There are a few ways to overcome that and they all boil down to preparation.

You Are Doing It Right If She Looks At You Like This

Jackie Kennedy was considered one of the best conversationalists in the world but few people probably realized that she would actually prepare conversation topics in her mind before she went out at night. I’ve heard that thinking of current events, new books or new movies while you are in the shower, is a great idea.

Keeping up on current events by listening to news radio, reading the paper, looking at online news sources and watching the BBC gives you great fodder for conversational topics.

So while you are getting ready to go out or leave your apartment for any reason, think of some conversational topics that you have opinions on or find interesting and practice what you are going to say. It may seem silly but remember that the captivating first lady even did this.

That way when you are face to face with a woman you have something to talk about and can either express your opinion and/or ask hers about the topic. Make sure it is not so esoteric that she has not even heard about it or so intellectual that it immediately becomes a heavy conversation. Maybe keep one of those in your back pocket, but also have a more lightweight current event on hand to discuss.

You can also very easily start a conversation by asking an opinion. It could be about something in the room, such as asking what the woman thinks about that color paint on the wall or if she liked the appetizers. It doesn’t have to be complicated, deep or intellectual. It just needs to spark a conversation by getting her to respond. Be sure if you ask her opinion on something that you also have an opinion. If you think the wallpaper is hideous, I think it’s OK to say so (as long as its not her house.) Don’t be afraid to have a different opinion than hers. That’s what makes life so interesting.

Another technique is to ask for help. Ask the woman for help in deciding something. It could be what cd to play next at the party. It could be whether you should have another drink or not. It could be whether you should try calamari for the first time or save it for another day. It could be anything under the sun. The point is you can ask for help or for her opinion. Believe me, women love to help and love to offer opinions. Don’t we all.

You can also comment on something that is going on in the room. If you are at the bar, you can point to a couple and say, do you think this is their first date? The point is that you can walk up to a woman and start a conversation about any topic under the sun, if you have a little bit of self confidence. And, If all else fails, often a simple “hello, how are you?” can do the trick.

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