Should You Be James Bond or Jim Carrey?

Every guy thinks he wants to be as slick and cool as James Bond, but the irony is that most women don’t really want James Bond. And I’ll explain to you why.

To every guy on the planet, James Bond is wonderful. He says the right thing at the right moment, he takes women back to a beautiful hotel room, and then he gives them great sex. And when that woman wakes up, there is a note for her on the side of the bed that basically instructs her on how to order a cab. Mr. Bond is already wrestling alligators somewhere by then.

If you think about every single James Bond movie, there’s no same woman in it, ever. So yes, women will sleep with James Bond but they really want more of the Jim Carrey.  

Now a lot of you are thinking right now, “Jim Carrey? Sure, he’s funny, but women prefer him over 007?!” Well, maybe they don’t prefer him, but if given a choice between a guy that’s interested in them and will make them laugh, or the guy that won’t be in bed with them the next morning, they prefer the former.

So is it the jokester or the slick, cool, suave character of James Bond? How about this: why not be a version of both?  Why not think about all the guys that you emulate and why not really be the person that you want to be?  

If you’re more the James Bond type, sure, go for it. Have a series of one-night stands and have some fun.  But if you’re going to be that guy, make sure you tell women right off the bat that you’re going to have the one-night stand.  Make sure you tell the models that you’re not looking for a relationship so you don’t leave them pissed off and angry. If you’re the Jim Carrey type, make sure that you’re not always just being the funny guy and you get deep once in a while and you really listen and you’re not always looking for the punch line.  

Here’s the deal: you want to be diverse. You want to be that guy that can be the little bit of both. You want to be that guy that knows himself. James Bond knows who he is. So does Jim Carrey. Isn’t it time that you figured out who you are?