Real Relationship Advice: Where To Get It?

Human beings are social beings. We have the need to socialize, to be in a relationship. Be it a relationship with parents, friends, opposite sex, etc. Relationships are never easy.

You are not taught what to do and when to do it, there are no guidelines, no guidebooks.

You don’t get instructions.

You can’t refer to clichés and stereotypes of situations that you have to handle. The most you can do is ask for a relationship advice.

In a way it is simpler for women. They know what to expect. They know what they want. Since they are born they are told to find a man, make him fall for them and marry him.

They get a lot of tricks and tips from every well-wisher around. And eventually they achieve their goal.

But for men relationship advice is more important. This is not something discussed at dinner table or between friends.

There is no manual on how to deal with women. Yet, it is an inevitable part of life.

Problems in a relationship can and should be solved. But it always requires extra work from both sides, a wish to get things fixed, a determination to work on your relationship, to improve things.

So, what can you do if your relationship is going through tough times.

Where you can get relationship advice?

  • Websites

Internet has thousand of resources dedicated to relationship advice. Of course, you should not believe everything these resources tell you. Do not apply blindly every relationship advice to your situation. Every person is different, every couple is different. Take into account all the personal characteristics you and your partner have. Only after a careful consideration use any advice you find suitable for yourself.

  • Forums

If you have a question, post it at any relationships forum and you will get instantly at least 10 pieces of advice. If there is something people like to talk about it is relationships. Once again, choose carefully. Pick the advice that seems most valuable to you, and go for it. Be prepared, however, that it might not work.

  • Ask friends

Sometimes it works the best if you talk to friends. They are close to you and can see the situation the way it really is. Since most probably they know both of you their relationship advice could make sense or at least be worth being listened to.

  • Facebook

Social networks are a hit. Post your situation as your status and you will get dozen of suggestions about what you should do. Provided you do not mind making your private life public. In most cases it can though only complicate the situation.

  • Couples Therapy

If nothing has worked so far, and all the free sources did not provide you with information you needed, you can turn to professionals and sign up for couples’ therapy. Sometimes therapy might be the only option to treat relationship distress. Provided you are serious about relationship and would not want to end it, you can consider therapy sessions.

No relationship is perfect. There are misunderstandings and fights in any relationship. Some couples get through it, some don’t. You should understand what you expect from this relationship, how far you are ready to go to keep it. In any case there is no harm in getting some relationship advice.