5 Reasons Online Dating Will Revolutionize Your Life

With the rise of the dating industry, guys like you and me have been able to take control over our success with women. But now that this community is mainstream, there seems to be a new gimmick out there every month…

But online dating is no gimmick. It IS the most revolutionary change in the dating world to date…

I would know; I literally have a team of around 40 online dating experts whose job is to meet women online all day long for our clients.

I know a thing or two about meeting women online – and there’s one thing that I know without and shadow of a doubt: If you’re not online, you’re missing out – in a very big way.

Here are 5 reasons why online dating will change your life:

1. Online dating “close” rates are insanely high.

Do you have trouble “closing”?

Your life will NEVER be the same when you try online dating.

According to a study done by the Sexuality Research and Social Policy journal, 1 in 3 women have sex on the first date.

That means you’ve got a 33% chance of getting laid of the first date just by showing up!

This doesn’t even factor in whether or not you actually LEARN how to build attraction with these women – there’s no seduction method out there that can claim such a good success rate.

2. You can create automated harem of women.

In an industry filled with fake magic bullets, online dating is the only solution that might actually BE a magic bullet…

When you’ve gotten good at online dating, you can meet women with almost no work. If you know what you’re doing, your dating profile literally does the work for you! Do things right and you can have a harem of women, with a constant flow of new dates coming in and out…

There’s no need to approach set after set with no promise of success. With online dating, you can put up a powerful dating profile that attracts women on your behalf.

The only way to compete with this in the real world would be to hire a stunt double that approached women for you…

3. You don’t ever have to be afraid to meet women online.

Even if you were terrified to talk to women in person, there would be no way for her to tell, so she couldn’t ever hold it against you.

There’s no more approach anxiety, and instantly, your fear of rejection is a thing of the past!

When you learn even the most basic online dating skills, you can eliminate every shred of insecurity in your communication, and present yourself as the devilishly confident man that she’d like to know.

And once you start meeting girl after girl online, even the first date will be a catwalk. You will become a kung fu master of the first date.

4. Your vacations will never be the same…

Every guy I know has dreamed of taking a badass road trip, or traveling the world. Now, with online dating, you can meet new women all over the world before you even get there.

You can do like I did when I went to Europe, and line up dozens of dates with attractive women. I had instant tour guides to every new city, and sometimes, several young girls were fighting over me at the same time…

5. You can master your dating skills in a fraction of the time…

When you try to learn how to meet women the old school way, you find out that there is A LOT to learn.

That you can’t just “be fixed” – you’ve got to do a ton work first…

Now you’ve got to learn “inner game,” and “outer game” and “routines”. Then you’ve got to approach dozens of women before you can even hope to actually sleep with one of them.

Not so with online dating.

Once you learn a few basic things, you don’t have to go on some never-ending mission in order to get dates…

That’s because what works online works more consistently than offline. You don’t have to worry about the 562 extra variables that come into play when you’re meeting women in a bar or club.

Listen, online dating is an easy and learn-able skill. Once you get the hang of it, you will have a dramatic increase in the number and quality of women in your life.

And the best part is, I’ve literally developed hundreds of methods attraction women online, no matter what your situation is, what you look like, or how experienced you are with women.

My clients shove $1440 per month into my pockets every single month, and that’s because their inbox’s are bursting at the seams with attractive women who are fight for their attention.

Their lives will never, EVER be the same again…