Some Helpful Tips For Online Daters

In the era of IT technologies and world-wide internet accessibility we spend more time online than offline. People meet online, work online, fall in love online, sometimes even marry online.

No wonder that more and more people yearly choose to pick their partner in many of online communities. Using online dating services does not seem to be a shame anymore.

We went a long way from “hey, look at him, he is so pathetic that he only can search for a girl online” to “Have you heard Mike and that chic he met online got married last week?”

Today there are more online dating services than there are social networks websites. Though both of them can be successfully used if you are determined to find a girl online.

However, internet is not as safe as we would like to think. People you meet there, however sweet, sexy, dashing they look, can turn your life to a living hell or at least give you some unpleasant moments.

Remember, looks can be deceptive.

That is why we have come up with a few tips that could be useful if you are serious about online dating.

1.     Decide on your objectives, review online resources and pick the right one for you. Paid services are considered to be more reliable, but you don’t have to stick with them. You can take your risks if you follow suggestions of our point 2.

2.     Remember basic online dating  safety precautions.

Trust your instincts, if something smells cheesy, don’t pursue it, skip to another profile.

Keep your personal information personal till you realize it is time to share it.

Use one of available free E-mail accounts.

Don’t provide your landline number, cell number would be enough.

Avoid married people. After a while you will be able to tell if the person is married or not. Avoid them, unless it suits your needs. And even then… avoid them.

Always ask for a photo, better a recent one. There is no guarantee that the photo belongs to a person you communicate with, though.

Do not send any money. Ever. Not if she claims to be in love. Not when she cries she would love to meet but can’t afford coming to your place. Not when she seems genuine. Just do not send any money.

3.     Build a good profile for yourself

Underline your strengths, hide your drawbacks. Make your profile interesting. Start with a catchy line. Upload your best photo. If the photo is not good enough nobody would bother to proceed to whatever catchy lines you have come up with.

4.     Effective communication is a key to success

If you are not sure you are a good conversationalist, read articles and books about how to become one. Work on your presentation. The first contact is the most important. There are no second chances in online dating. Make your first contact count.

5.     Don’t lie

While it is an understandable wish to look better than you are, to be younger than you are, to be richer than you are, and even to have a better job, do not lie about it. Be who you are because your lies can eventually backfire. Besides when you tell the truth you don’t have to remember what lies you have come up with for that particular girl.

6.     Make the first date memorable

Like with the first contact first dates don’t get a second chance in online dating. You screw up and she moves on to another guy in her list. Make it a fun date, make her remember it.

Be confident and be your best self. It works like a charm!

7.     Don’t get addicted

Online dating can be fun, but once it becomes a profession the fun slowly disappears. It is important not to step over some boundaries and turn into an online dating addict. In the end you will hurt people and hurt yourself.