Meeting Women Should Not Be Difficult

Meeting women should not be as difficult as flipping burgers at McDonald’s. When it comes to this part of your life, do you see it as a job?

Do you have intensive heart palpitations, white crud on the corner of your lips, dry mouth, and lip quivering?

Do you get the occasional bout of diarrhea because meeting women is as stressful as having to flip thousands of burgers a day for hungry coupon-crazed people at McDonald’s?

When you meet women, do you have the smell of fear all over you almost like that rank smell of a McDonald’s bag in a crowded elevator? (You all know what that smells like, right? You can’t wait until that person gets off on the second floor and hope they are not going to the 99th with you.)

If meeting women feels like a job to you, it’s because you haven’t done enough work on the inside.

I said the word “work”.

Work—what a bad word, but it’s true. If you are not powerful and strong about the way you feel on the inside, women will know. They are—as we all know—almost like mind readers.

Are you looking at yourself every day and saying, “Everything is fine, this is going to work out…” but you haven’t done any of the important work on the inside?

If you haven’t really cultivated what we call “inner game” yet and you are just looking for techniques to help the outer game, then you’re going about it the wrong way.

Here’s the deal: without the inner game, the outer game doesn’t work.

The reason why McDonald’s—as smelly as it might be—is a successful franchise is because they’ve worked on the inner game. Think about it, every patty, every bun, every head of lettuce is all corporate-owned.

Nothing McDonald’s sells come from the outside. It’s all from the inside and that’s why they are so successful as a business.

You want to be successful with women, you want to be the McDonald’s of pick-up—so you can serve billions and billions of women every single year—then you’ve got to work on your inner game.

It’s time you became fearless and it’s time you understood what self-love is all about.

If you can’t handle it and you are still looking for that Band-Aid, then you won’t be McDonald’s—you’ll end up more like Boston Market.

Try to find one of those around any more. They didn’t grow from the inside out. They just expanded and expanded. Find them on the Internet and take a look at how successfully unsuccessful they’ve really been.

It’s time you worked on yourself—from the inside out.

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