Meeting Women All Over The World

People have debated whether online dating is better than meeting women in bars and clubs – and there are plenty of strong arguments on both sides…

But when it comes to meeting women while you travel, online dating is the clear winner.

Online dating is the only method in the world that you can use to effectively meet women BEFORE you arrive at your destination.

Imagine getting off a plane at some exotic hotspot, packed with amazing women – and instantly, you’ve got 5 or more dates already lined up for the next week…

And each one is texting as you get off the tarmac to confirm “getting together” later.

Now that’s what I call booking a vacation!

I’ve been refining this delicate art for some time, and let me tell you… ANY guy can have an instant harem of women, in any big city in the world, no matter the country.

If you already know how to meet local women online, learning this is easy…

I’ve toiled endlessly to develop a powerful system that covers all of the fundamentals of meeting women online.

With my system, you will know exactly how to set up a magnetic profile, how to initiate conversation with women so they respond, and how to transition offline quickly…

All of these fundamental teachings still apply no matter where you are or will be next week…

Here’s How Meeting Women Online While You Travel Is Different…

Let’s say you’re planning a 3-week vacation in Barcelona…

Setting up your online dating strategy would go as follows:

Step 1: Use online dating sites.

You might get great responses online with a site like OkCupid, but people on other International sites are very open to meeting travelers, and you can use this to your advantage.

It may not technically be an ‘online dating site’, but I can tell you first hand that it’s an awesome place to meet women. In fact, just this past summer, I met 15 sexy girls on this site in 3 weeks while traveling through Norway, Sweden, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

If you want to have this kind of success, you need to have a really solid profile with great feedback from other couch surfers… (several girls have told me the “references” are the first thing they looked at after reading my message).

Your profile description needs to be highly compelling as well, and it should paint a unique, exciting and three-dimensional picture of the man you are. Good humor can also work wonders.

I devote an entire section of my system to this subject, but here’s a quick hint: talk about your passions, inject some humor, and try to present yourself in an adventurous light when writing your profile.

You’re also going to want to have a handful of well selected photos that make you look sociable, fun, trustworthy, and otherwise show off your best qualities.

Step 2: Take The Mass Email Approach.

I don’t always recommend blasting template emails as your main strategy online, but in this case, you are contacting women in a faraway city that you don’t even live in.

Plus, templates can work extremely well on CouchSurfing precisely because it is not a ‘dating site,’ and women don’t have their template radars on (and don’t care) like they do on a site like OkCupid.

Even on more traditional dating sites, you’ve also got a lot less to lose when you’re traveling, because you never risk quickly burning out your options like you do when you mass-broadcast messages on your home turf…

This doesn’t mean that you should send 100 women messages saying, “hello sexy”.

You need to develop a strong opening email… one that has a subject line that makes them curious about you.

Next, your opening email should break the ice the first sentence, perhaps with a little playful teasing or challenging.

Finally, end your email with a fun, open-ended question that makes it easier to respond.

This question is what marketers refer to as a “call to action”; you are telling her what to do next (answer the question).

CouchSurfing is one of the rare sites where your call to action in the very first email can also be asking her to meet up for a drink or coffee…. if you have a very strong profile and references. (Don’t even try it if you don’t!)

Note: Especially on CouchSurfing, it pays to take a friendlier, more casual approach, and present yourself as a social guy who loves to meet new, cool people when he travels. (Most women don’t fantasize about falling in love with a guy that lives thousands of miles away.)

Step 3: Manage Her Expectations.

Often times, women may rule you out as a potential option if they know you will only be around for a short time.

That’s why it’s really helpful if you at least hint that you’re thinking about staying long term…

You will get more responses from women this way, because you give women a slight glimmer of hope that you will stick around if the two of you hit it off.

You can also accomplish this by hinting that you’ll be returning frequently…

I could go on giving you tips about this for hours, but I’ve got to call it a day for now.

If you master this, you will always have a fun vacation fling or romance, and your traveling escapades will get to a whole new level of fun!