Some Ways You Can Meet Women Online

So you’ve met a new woman on line and you’re really, really excited.

Now wait a minute… I’m not talking about on line, as in on a dating website. I’m talking about on LINE, meaning the line at the movie theater, the line waiting to get into a club, that kind of line.

I must say that those are some of the best places to meet women. While you’re waiting on line you can talk to her by basically saying to yourself, “Wow this is so ridiculous. What’s the line for because the place is empty in there!”

Then you can start a conversation and ask her if she’s ever been in the place you’re waiting for before. Listen real carefully to what she said so that you can transition out of opener-land and quickly get into a real conversation with her.

When you’re on line, when you need to get into a place, it’s your opportunity to leave a sense of who you are. That way, once you’re in the place, she starts looking for you. She starts wanting to be with you before all the other guys come over and start trying to hit on her, screaming in her ear, and all the other stuff.

But now let’s talk about online, meaning actual online dating.

You want an idea for a first date when you meet someone online? Let me tell you something. Do not spend a single penny for an online date. Alright, you can spend $10. Never take a woman out to dinner that you met online for a first date.

Why? You have no idea what she looks like, you have no idea if she’s as pretty as her pictures make her out to be, and you have no idea if you two are even going to have any chemistry in person. So don’t make any more of the date than it is.

All an online first date is, is a simple meet and greet. That’s it. So what I would do is find a really good coffee shop. A great coffee shop that is fun. Not like a Starbucks, but kind of like one of those small funky little coffee shops. Something amusing. I’d also find a place you can go and take a walk around.

You could walk around a lake, walk around a park or something really simple like that. That’s of course if the weather is nice, and it’s not the middle of winter. But above all else, I keep my online first dates real simple.

Find a little bar where you can just have a nice glass of wine or something. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on somebody who you may or may not be attracted to. So the cardinal rule that I always have with online dating is to always go with your three key places.

What are those places?

One, an outdoor activity of sorts.

Two, a coffee shop — a cool little local coffee shop.

Three, some type of lounge where you can basically hang out and just have a quick little drink.

A little desert shop is a really cool idea too. So you can meet up with her on the weekend after you’ve both done dinner separately with your own friends, and you can meet afterward to get some desert together.

Bottom line is, you don’t want to spend money, trust me on this. When I was single, I had the same four places I used to meet all my online dates at and it was a lot of fun. I even got to know the people at my places and they would crack up after a while. They’d say, “Yup, here’s David again. Date number 25 from this month.”