New Ways To Meet Girls You Haven’t Thought Of

If you really want to learn some ways meet girls, you need to really only master two things. You need to be in or create (more on that below) situations where there will be girls. You need to be able to generate attraction with the girls that you meet.

Well read this whole article and I will explain the best way to master attracting girls.

I’ve found that there are two really great ways:
1. Join an online dating site such as
2. Expand your social circle, and let that social circle bring more girls into your life.

Expand Your Social Circle

OK. Let’s talk about the right way to expand your social circle.  Well the first thing you need to do is look at your life. Do you naturally come into contact with others? Do you know a bunch of different people from different areas of your life? Well the first thing to do is to take charge and bring them all together. An easy way to do this is to set up an informal, casual event.

For instance, say you know a really cool new bar. About five days ahead of time, start inviting everyone you know to meet there on Friday night at 8 p.m. So when you are at the coffee shop, tell the girls or guys behind the counter that you and a bunch of friends are meeting at this new really hip bar and that they should come and bring their friends. When you get there and you are surrounded by your friends, everyone will notice that you.

Did you notice I said tell the girls and guys? Absolutely, building your social circle is a huge part of meeting girls.

That cool guy behind the counter might have an awesome little sister he invites or a cool friend who brings her cool friend. What about the guys and gals in your office? Same thing. Tell them about it, as well. This simple little trick will help you become an expert at how to meet girls.

Always use the same language: that you and your friends are meeting and they should come and bring friends. The key being that you are already going to be there with friends and they should bring their friends. The more the merrier.

So be the leader. Take charge and set something up.  This will naturally make you more attractive to the girls who show up.

If you suddenly realize you don’t know anyone to ask to set something like this up, your next step is to start becoming involved in social activities.

For instance, a great way to be more social and get a whole new group of friends is to join a volleyball team and then ask all your teammates to go get a drink. Tell them to bring their friends.

Pretty soon, you will have created a social circle of great size.

Join a gym and do the same thing with all your workout buddies or the people taking the same classes that you are. Wherever you encounter others, bring them all together to create a social circle.

You could even invite people in your apartment building or neighborhood or whatever. The key isn’t to only invite a girl you would want to date. The idea is to build a network of friends to hang out with and spend time with and always encourage them to invite others. It is so much easier than you might think.

If you take the time to create a lively social circle, you are destined to meet more women than you ever dreamed. I’m not saying that everyone you meet will be the type you are interested in dating, but the more people you know and are friends with; the more likely you will come across the girl of your dreams.

OK.  Now that you know how to get people together and you have an environment where there are new girls.  You need to know how to generate attraction with them.

The same old boring conversations are just NOT going to work, in fact these conversations will just place you in the ‘boring’ category and most likely the “Let’s Just Be Friends” zone.

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