How To Understand Women Like A Video Game

Imagine how simple it would be if you could conquer the world of pick up like you could the World of Warcraft or Madden 2012.

Imagine how much fun it would be if you could walk over to a woman and talk to her in technical words that only you understand.

Imagine her being able to understand your technical talk and being so fascinated by what your complex verbiage, that she pulls of her panties and demands that you make love to her on your computer desk.

Wouldn’t that be easy?

Uh, right.Get your heads out of your butts!

Women don’t understand technical, scientific, geek guy talk.

Women are about emotions.

You need to connect to an emotion when you meet her for the first time, and every time after that.

You can’t walk over with something memorized, and say it and without any emotion—you’d be exposed every single time.

If you walk over to a women with some memorized line, she’s going to expose you for a guy that’s technical, a guy that doesn’t have any emotions, a guy that’s afraid of being real.

And that’s what you have to “work on” being—real. Women want a real man that they can relate to, not some clone.

We’ve been brainwashed in this society to be something that we’re not. We need to be some type of superhero, almost like a superhero from a video game.

Women aren’t looking for superheroes. They’re looking for the magic moment where they connect with you deeper than any man in their life at that time. And you create those magic moments, consciously.

That moment is based on reality and not on some superhero version of yourself.

Try to be real.

Here’s a great exercise.

Go out today, say hello to 50 people.

Do it.

Go out, say hello to 50 people. Just stand on a street corner, wave, smile, say “hi.” Get out of your head and stop being so self-conscious.

Imagine the avatars that you create in these fantasy video game worlds. They are powerful and courageous and badass. Nobody creates wimpy avatars for these worlds, unless it’s some kind of joke.

Don’t be a wimp.

Live your life here and now as if you were the most badass character in a video game.

If you can do that, then you’re ready for the next step.

You’re ready to master the world of meeting women.

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