How To Master The First Date Kiss

Too many guys are too obsessed with kiss closing.

Somehow they got the idea that they need to makeout at the end of a first date.

Let me explain to you in detail why this is wrong.

That mindset destroys any chance of intimacy with her moving forward.

Women like to be warmed up like a motor. They really enjoy the slow build.

Think of women as sexual creatures that need to be awakened from top to bottom. They love to be seduced, and going in for a big wet sloppy kiss, and sticking your tongue down her throat is the exact opposite way that they are wired.

So here’s what I do, and this is something you can do every single time on a first date, and it works like a charm:

French Kiss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You want to tease her, and tease her, and show her that you are in complete control. If you do that, then she will start thinking that she’s with a man that can arouse her sexually in all ways, shapes, and forms.

At the end of the date, I’ll look her directly in the eyes, I’ll stand there, I’ll smile, I’ll pull her close in, maybe I’ll touch her back, touch her neck, and play with her hair.

I’ll pull her in and give her a kiss on the lips, and then I’ll linger on it for about two seconds.

And then I’ll pull back, I’ll look in her eyes, and I’ll tell her this:

“I’m a gentleman. You need to leave right now; otherwise I’m not going to be able to control myself.”

And I’ll smile. She starts giggling and laughing.

I’ve done this so many times.

Then as she turns around, I’ll say, “Wait.”

She’ll turn around now, maybe anticipating another kiss.

I pull her close and I look at her again and say, “You know that jazz club that you talked about, let’s go Saturday.”

It’s all about seduction. She immediately will say yes to the second date. She’ll start thinking that you’re a different guy.

“He didn’t try to kiss me, grab me, paw at me, or try to sleep with me. I want to get to know him. He’s different than any other guy I’ve been out with.”

She’ll tell her friends about the moment that happened in the end. She’ll feel that moment again.

She’ll anticipate the kiss the very next date.

This is how you tease a woman.

This is how you end a date. This is how you prep her for sex, and prep her for the make-out session that’s coming.

This is the only way to kiss at the end of a date—especially your first date.

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