My Advice On How To Get A Girlfriend In 5 Steps

Whether you’ve been single forever or are an active dater, you need to know these tips if are serious about dating the girl of your dreams.

Now who doesn’t want to know this?

Actually at the end of the article, I will share how I really feel – but for now give this a quick read.

I am posting this as a parody of the questionable dating advice that is out there in cyberspace.

That is the problem today, there is so much information that most guys just get confused and give up.

Don’t give up.

ecome your best self, expand your social circle and get active. Play sports, hang out with girls that are friends and treat them like friends.

The thing is, girls all have girls they are friends with and if they think you are cool, they will introduce you to their single friends.

It’s rather simple really.

One last thing, the video below is meant as a joke…

I certainly hope you don’t take it seriously. 🙂

Develop a female attraction body language:
The factor of attraction has more to do which you body language than your communication skills. You don’t need to talk to generate attraction in a girl.Develop the art of flirting:
Your body language will attract the girls but you need to take it further. You will need to initiate flirting. This is an important step. It involves changing a few aspects of your normal behavior.

Develop your kino skills or the art of touching:
This is an important step towards entering the boyfriend domain. Girls are very sensitive to touch. You need to develop the art of playful touching and sensual touching to get the girls to respond to your signals.

Develop the alpha attitude:
Once the girl gets interested in you she will start observing you more closely. She will start testing you. This is an exciting phase, more because you now know that she is interested. You need to come across as an alpha male to get her to fall in love with you.

Initiating the first kiss:
Make no mistake about it, this is the precursor to sex. The first kiss is vital. Girls have a sixth sense about how confident a guy is based on the way he kisses. It’s usually a natural thing, but a few tips can never hurt.

Proposing to your girl:
How do you know if your girl is your girlfriend yet? Unless there is a verbal commitment you cant really be sure. Most guys are scared to propose to a girl, I am not talking about getting married here. You need to let her know that you like her and know what she feels about you. Living in a misunderstanding will end up being painful for you later.

So there you have it, follow these 5 simple steps and you will be living the dream and have the girlfriend of your dreams.

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But let’s be honest – if you truly are a PUA, you do NOT want to follow step 5. The last thing you want to do is let a girl know you like her!!! That will make you into a total AFC and probably get you put in the friend zone almost instantly.

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