How To Become Magnetic Online

The whole art of online dating comes down to using magnetic force to attract women to you. This opposes many traditional seduction methods, which entail giving attention to women, and groups of people.

Giving your attention to a woman is hard work, and you can only be attentive to so many at one time.

A great thing about online dating is that it’s extremely scalable.

You can meet more women with less effort – and the more you learn to use magnetic force to attract women, the more you can scale up your online dating presence… until it becomes like one giant magnet that pulls in countless attractive women.

If you want to develop a magnetic pull online, there are three strategies that you absolutely must execute correctly:

1. Hook Her Attention.

Men endlessly chase women online. As a result, they feel like they’re all alone in a dark place; like their messages are being fired directly into a black hole.

This is how it feels to every man online – that is, until he learns how break past the competition and capture her full attention.

97% of the men that use dating sites NEVER figure out how to do this… Even though it really is not hard at all, if you know what you’re doing. Just by implementing a few techniques, you can be in the top 3% of men online – which means you’ll be attracting the highest quality women, who are just looking for a man who knows what he’s doing.

One simple way to break through the clutter and get her emailing you is to write subject lines and headlines that literally make it IMPOSSIBLE for her to resist reading further.

One of the best ways to do this automatically is by using what I call a cliffhanger…

Have you ever watched a TV show that always left you hanging, dying to know what would happen next?

If you have, then you probably know what a cliffhanger is – it’s a suspenseful ending that has you excitedly wondering how the story will play out!

When writing subject lines, start an idea that needs to be finished by reading your email. An example of this would be “Wow, I can’t believe that you…”. When she reads this, her curiosity will compel her to open your message.

2. Raise Your Value (Above Hers).

Just like in real life, attractive women assume that you will suck up to them, and unless you prove otherwise, they will think you are not worthy.

That’s why when you talk to a woman online, you’ve got to let her know that you’re used to women of her quality or higher.

A great way to do this is by putting her on trial – but in a fun way.

In your profile, you can let her know that good looks alone aren’t good enough to keep you attracted. You can touch on how you’ve experienced utter boredom with model types who are no more three-dimensional that their photos, so if that’s her, then its best you both save your time….

And, in your messages, you can find a way to tease her. If, for example, her profile is short and doesn’t have much substance to it, you can use that as your ammunition.

Let’s say that her nugget-size profile happens to mention that she enjoys crime novels. Then your message could lead off with “Hey, you know, for girl who claims to be into crime novels, I would have imagined you’d be one to spend more than a few seconds giving pertinent clues about herself in her profile…”

See how it works?

There are endless ways to achieve this, but the important part is that you always paint the picture of a man with quality options and high standards.

You always want to be at least a bit untouchable. And if she’s a solid “9” or “10” and you aren’t, start thinking along the lines of Al Capone.

3. Tell Her What To Do Next.

This last strategy is crucially important for drawing women to you like a magnet. Sometimes, a woman will be interested in you, but she may not know what to do or say next.

When you don’t give a woman a specific call to action at the end of your profile and every email you write, you’re effectively creating obstacles to your own success; obstacles that you could easily be knocking down preemptively!

A good online dater always makes it as easy as possible for a woman to take the next step.

Don’t hope that she will respond to your message, ask her an interesting question, and challenge her to come up with a good response. I know it sounds wrong that such a simple thing would exponentially increase your responses from women…

But c’est la vie.

And this is not just some random dude’s opinion. These tips are data-backed… They’re proven facts.

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