The Right Way To Ask A Girl Out

You see her across the room and your eyes meet. She’s it. She’s the one you want to date. Right now. It is all you can do not to race across the room, grab her hand and take her with you. But then you notice, she is surrounded by a group. A lot of them are guys. You do a little recon and see if any of the guys seem to have a special claim to her — a certain touch, a look, a kiss ….

No. You lucked out. She’s there as a single gal. Game on.

Guy Trying To Ask Girl On Date

So what do you do now? You’ve heard about all these special lines you can drop on a woman to make her laugh, impress her, even get her to go home with you.

Should you dig up any of the routines you learned by reading online?

Nah, not this time. This girl is special.

You feel like you would be lumping her in with every other girl you’ve ever picked up if you did that.

So what to do?

She’s amazing and you probably only have one chance to ask this girl to go on a date. You don’t live in this area of town and really don’t know a single soul at this party. If you let her walk out the door, the chances of you seeing her again in your lifetime are slim and none.

Now you really feel the pressure to do it right. So what are you going to say to this amazing girl:

First, you’ve really got yourself worked up about this, so take a few deep breaths before you even think about approaching her.

Make sure you are as calm, cool and collected as you can be and then make your move. Here’s what I want you to do. You can either wait until she is alone outside the group, but if it doesn’t look like that is going to happen, here’s what you do. Catch her eye, so she sees you are coming over. Smile casually and begin walking over toward her. Watch her body language. Is she turning away from you? No. That’s an encouraging sign. Is she maintaining eye contact? Even better. Walk up to her side of the group and gently touch her arm. Very gently and smoothly, pull her out of the group by about a foot, saying, “Excuse me for a minute.” If there is the slightest bit of resistance, let go of her arm. If she comes with you, all the better.

Once you are a tiny bit out of the group, here’s the biggest piece of advice I’m going to give you: say something about how she caught your eye in as honest a way possible without going overboard. So you might say: “You have an amazing laugh and you really caught my eye. I would never have forgiven myself if I didn’t come talk to you before I left.”

What is nice about this is you aren’t complimenting her on her looks, but something else and you are also letting her know you are about to leave — which makes you nonthreatening and a commodity in a way.

This would be the wrong thing to say: “You are drop dead gorgeous and I need to get your number. You blow my mind.”

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

After you tell her about her smile, say that you are leaving but would like to get together with her in a different environment where you could talk more and get to know one another. Then ask for her phone and punch your number in. Tell her you are going to call her the next day to see what her schedule is that week. Then walk out. Goodbye.

Be sure to call her the next day. That’s it. Short, sweet and effective.

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    Thank you, I’ve just been searching for info on how to ask a girl out for ages and yours is the greatest I’ve discovered so far.