How The Bar Is Like The Olympics


Does it mean you need to drink competitively?

Sure…if you don’t want to meet women.

You can see how many beers you can slam in under four minutes.

I wouldn’t suggest it though.

You want to have fun when you go to the bar and be really different.

Here’s what I suggest:

Before you go to a bar one night, get four cardboard squares and write these numbers down on each cardboard square: ten, seven, four, zero.

Do this with one other friend. Make sure you have two sets of cards.

Now when at the bar, sit down so you’re facing the entire crowd.

Watch guys hit on women, and the second a guy fails, each of you put up a card.

You flash your card directly at the women, so they see it.

If a guy did particularly bad, flash a zero.

Then don’t look directly at them after you get their attention.

Then you call them over.  

You lead them over with confidence.  

Women are curious.  She’s going to wonder why she’s being waved over and what the zeros are for.

When she comes over, you look at her and say to her, “We are the bar pick up judges, and we just gave that guy a big fat zero when he came over and crashed and burned.”

They’ll start laughing a lot.  They’ve never seen this before.  They’ve never seen this type of game before.  And bars are all about playing games and having fun.   

So what do you do now?  You look at them and say,

“The judges need to know, what did that guy say and why did he bomb so bad?”

Then they’ll tell you. It will probably be hilarious.

You’re going to start growing a crowd around you—women, men, everyone.  You are going to be the master of the bar that night.  Everybody’s going to want to get to know you, and you’re going to get other people involved in the game.

It’s all about having fun.  

When a woman meets a guy on a Friday or Saturday in a bar, they want to meet a guy that’s having a good time.  They also want to meet a guy that’s not just all about pick-up.

By playing this game, you’re showing that you’re different and not part of the pick-up games happening at the bar.

You’re just a guy out having a good time.