Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Alright great, let’s cut right to the chase. It’s time.

It’s time to take all your ridiculous, crazy resolutions and throw them out the window.

As a matter of fact, write down all your resolutions on a piece paper, then take that piece of paper, and burn it immediately. Immediately.

I’m so tired of New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s the reality behind New Years: There is no such thing as New Years. New Years is just another day. Just January 1, 2012.

January 1 is nothing special. It’s not some magical day where you can wake up to a fresh start and a new opportunity that you never had before.

Every day is an opportunity to wake up and live the life that you want. Every day. You don’t need a pile of cheesy resolutions that you’re just going to break a few months from now anyway. The only thing you need is an attitude of waking up every single morning and making the most of your day ahead.

Here’s the only thing you ever need to think of: When you wake up in the morning, think to yourself, “How am I going to make my time pass today? How and where am I going to push myself out of my comfort zone today? And what lessons do I need to learn and embrace today?

Then, at the end of each day, write down all the accomplishments you’ve made. Write down each one of the lessons you’ve learned that day.

That’s how you need to live every single day. Screw the resolutions. It’s time to start living it every day.