It’s Easy To Get Laid For Free At Strip Clubs. Here’s Why.

Since launching my original book in 2004,  “Mack Tactics”, I’ve trained thousands of guys around the world how to effectively talk to, and seduce, beautiful women.

I’ve come up with an arsenal of innovative techniques and routines that have taught 30-year-old virgins how to finally seal the deal, and I’ve shown natural-born ladies’ men how to turbo-charge their game to a “rock star” level and score 9s and 10s on a consistent basis.

At this point, I’ve got the skills to approach, and connect with, virtually any woman I want.
But I’ve got a confession to make, to my crew at Pickup Artist Magazine…

I’ve still got the hots for strippers.

Sure, I’ve banged a ton of hot “regular girls” from New York to New Zealand, from Brazil to Bangkok, from Las Vegas to London. But when I want to head out with my buddies for an evening of PUA adventure, our evenings will often begin at a strip club.

This is where I like to “plant some seeds” and rack up phone numbers, so that later in the evening—when my favorite lap-dancers get off of work—I’ve got a multitude of options to choose from.

If the “regular” girls that I meet at the bars and nightclub that evening don’t pan out for whatever reason, I’ll definitely have a few strippers texting my phone and wanting to hang out.
(It’s also pretty cool to be at a bar or nightclub hanging out with some regular chicks, and suddenly a few smoking-hot strippers that I met earlier show up to see me. That’s some massive “social proof!”)

Let Me Tell You Why I Love Strip Clubs…

Strip clubs are sexually charged atmospheres where you’re surrounded by nearly-naked babes. The booze is flowing, the music and lighting are designed for seduction, and every one of these girls is gunning for the chance to hang out with YOU.

However, the average clueless chump who enters a strip club is only looking to be a CUSTOMER. This means he’s going to fork over his hard-earned money for cock-teasing lap dances, brutally overpriced drinks, and shallow conversations with strippers who view him as nothing more than an ATM machine on legs. (And she knows exactly which buttons to push to make the cash come out!)

But when you’ve learned these secrets, you look at strip clubs (and the dancers) in a different light. When I enter a strip club, I see an incredible target-rich environment filled with sexy and available women.

(I also tell my students that strip clubs are the perfect place to hone your pickup and flirting skills, especially around very hot women.)

Let me run down a few other reasons why I’ve got a particular fondness for women who work the chrome pole:
• Strippers have outrageously awesome bodies. (Not all strippers, mind you, but the ones you’ll be macking on after you read this.) There won’t be any surprises (i.e. cellulite, stretch marks or flabby stomachs) once they’re in your bedroom, peeling off their clothes and getting ready to rock your world. You’ve already seen “the goods” when they were strolling around the club wearing not much more than dental floss and a pair of stiletto heels.
• Strippers are tons of fun to party with (ask my man Charlie Sheen). They’re amazing as “wing women” too; if you’ve got HSF’s (Hot Stripper Friends), every guy in the bar will want to be you, and every girl in the place will assume you’re either a multi-millionaire, hung like a horse, or just a total bad-ass.
• Strippers are sexually uninhibited, and 94% of them are bisexual (I did the math)
And here’s the big reason to love strippers…
• Strippers approach YOU!

Of course, their intent (at first) is to get you to burn your cash on lap dances. They’re programmed to run their “sales routine” on you. But if you know how to shut off their “stripper programming,” you can easily hook up with them.

Basically, this means you frame yourself as the opposite of all the customers who walk into her club every night.

The typical customer is shocked and nervous when a stunningly hot stripper approaches him and asks him if he wants a dance.

Reframe it. You are the prize, not her.

Stripper: Can I sit here?
You: It depends, are you going to be fun and interesting?
Stripper: (She give you a look of surprise and smiles, because she’s never heard that type of response…) Yes.
You: I don’t know…you kind of hesitated. I have to think about it. (Pause, smile, make eye contact) OK, sit down for a few minutes…I want to ask you something.

Five Critical Tips On Stripper Seduction…

#1 Walk into the strip club with your head held high, and radiate confidence. After learning the kick-ass tactics in the Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction book, you’ll have a game plan for success. You’ll know exactly how to deflect “lap-dance requests” in a clever, funny way—and then, you’ll get her to sit down with you so that you connect with her on a real level and get her reveal things about herself she would never share with a “chump customer.”

Having dated several top strippers in Las Vegas, I can tell you that these girls spend most of their time at work making small talk with boring, lonely and very lame men.

Once you start using the Teases, Hooks, and Advanced Conversation Tactics that I explain in the book, she’ll forget that she’s working! She’ll see you as an ultra-confident, playful, charming guy who she wants to hang out with as soon as her shift is over.

#2 When you enter the club, make your way to a table, or take a seat at the bar. Never lurk or mill around as if you’re unsure of where to go. And you should never sit on “pervert row,” which is what the girls call the seats around the stage. Those seats are strictly for the chump-ass customers who want to see the pussy up-close and hold out $1 bills, without having to pay for dances.

#3 Once you’re sitting down with her, do not touch her. Don’t stare at her tits. Maintain eye contact. And never comment on how hot she is; if anything, call her “cute.”

Example: “I have to say Jennifer, not only are you cute, but you seem to have a cool personality…but I’m not sure about you yet, so I want to ask you…”
(Then, use one of the “conversation starters” in the book to frame yourself as a super-confident Alpha Male who isn’t quite sure if she’s up to your level.)

NOTE: There is a strategy that I use to “buy” lap dances when I feel that getting a dance will “close the gap” between me and a hot stripper. Lap dances are OK—as long as she doesn’t think YOU are paying for it.

It works like this. You bring a wingman to the strip club with you. When you’re sitting with a stripper that you want to bang tonight, you give your wingman a signal. He will then take the stripper aside and tell her, “My friend doesn’t normally buy lap dances, but I owe him one, so I’m going to pay for you to dance for him.”

Then, you get a lap dance but you’re not “responsible” for it. During the dance, you should play it off like it’s funny, and act like you’re not really into it…stroke her ass and legs a little bit and coax her to sit down in your lap and chill out. Act like lap dances are not a big deal to you; you’re more interested in talking to her.

Then use the tactics in the Conversation Control chapter of Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction, to amplify her attraction and make her want to GIVE you her phone number so that you see her later tonight!

#4 Bust her out of her routine. Dancers, like used car salesmen, have canned routines they use to motivate customers to spend money. When she asks you your name, or where you’re from, ignore it. Go into your OWN routine (as I explain in the book), and control the conversation. The idea is to get her out of “work mode” and into “laid back chat mode.”

#5 Always respect her profession. Never refer to what she does as “stripping.” The term to use is “dancer.” During the conversation, you should say (or imply) that you’ve dated dancers before. Demonstrate familiarity with her profession: “It’s too bad I swore off dating dancers, because I can tell you and I would probably get along and there’s a lot more to you than what these customers know…”

Or, “You must have some funny stories from working here. My ex girlfriend was a dancer and she used to tell me about the crazy customers she had to deal with…”