Fat Skinny Old Young They Are All The Same

Every woman is the same. Every single one of them.

So you think a women is pretty? Let me tell you, it’s only because your eyes think that she’s pretty, and your unit thinks that she’s pretty, and that’s it.

I hear the same excuse from guys every single say: “I have no problem talking to a woman who I don’t think is attractive, it’s the hot ones who I have trouble speaking to!”

Every woman is wired exactly the same way. If you can talk to a woman who you don’t think is pretty, you need to understand that she is basically the same person as the woman who you do think is pretty. She didn’t wake up in the morning and tell herself, “Oh my God, I’m so ugly. I just hope a guy comes over and talks to me today. I’m so desperate, I’m such an ugly girl!”

All women are the same. All women respond to the same thing, whether you think they’re pretty, whether they’re average-looking, or below average-looking. They all respond to confidence. They all respond to a guy who smiles, is interesting, and who is engaging in conversation.
So you’ve got to get this idea out of your head that somehow you have to act differently toward women who you’re attracted to.

If you’ve been to a boot camp and you notice when I go out, I talk to all women exactly the same. Exactly the same. I don’t talk to them any differently. I don’t think to myself, “Oh man, she’s pretty, I need to talk to her a certain way now.”

You need to talk to her the exact same way you talk to all other women. So a good exercise for you is to go through your day and say hello to all the beautiful women you come across. Say, “Hi,” and give them a big smile while you greet them.

The minute you come across the most beautiful woman you’ve seen that day, walk up to her and go, “Hey, I just wanted to say hi, how are today?” And just give her a nice smile. Watch her react.
Or just go up to a woman and pay her a real compliment. If she’s got great eyes, just walk up to her and go, “You’ve got such beautiful eyes, I just wanted to tell you that!”

And that’s it. Pay a real compliment and practice speaking from your heart. If you speak from your heart, people will recognize and your sincerity. And that’s how they will respond back to you.