Attracting Girls Using Only Body Language

There is a little secret you can use if you want to create attraction with women. It’s a way that we all communicate with one another on a subconscious level. It is how humans have communicated since the beginning of time. It is body language.

We all communicate much more with our body language than we ever do with our words. It is in how we stand, sit and walk. We convey our emotions and thoughts and feelings with our expressions, by the way we hold our arms, by our posture and our nervous habits.

If you are skilled in the art of body language, you can spot a liar from across the room. You can tell whether a woman wants to go home with your friend or with you. You can tell if someone is shy or if she just isn’t interested.

Not only will you be able to read someone else’s body language, but if you have a true understanding of body language, you will be able to effectively send your own signals and communicate your own message and become an expert at how to attract girls. And the beauty is much of it is done subconsciously and picked up on subconsciously.

The girl running her fingers through her hair or pursing her lips or giving you her purse to hold, may not even realize she is attracted to you on a conscious level yet, but her body signals are conveying her attraction and interest.

In addition, when you are standing at the bar with your arms stretched out wide and are leaning back, you are letting everyone in the room know you are confident and have great self esteem. Everyone will find you charismatic without even understanding why they think this about you.

Body language is the most powerful language we have in the art of how to attract girls. Words don’t always convey what we want them to or what we really think or feel, but our bodies usually do, if we realize it or not. So what we men need to do is make sure that we are sending the signals we want to be sending. We need to make sure we are using body language to show we are alpha males who are confident and secure and fun to be around. We need to show that we are great guys to be around and we can do all this through an understanding of body language.

And by understanding a woman’s body language, we can have a greater comprehension of what she wants and what she needs. We can tell if she would rather be left alone or if she is open to our company and conversation. We can tell when we are pushing too hard or when she doesn’t think we are getting close enough. Body language is a fabulous way to develop a greater understanding and respect for women.

It will also save you time and energy and money when on your path to becoming a master at how to attract girls. Why approach a woman who clearly is not interested in talking to you. What a waste of time and a blow to your self esteem.

So go beg, borrow or buy a book on body language today and memorize it.

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