How To Not Be Nervous When Asking A Girl Out

Nobody would admit it but at least 90% of men are nervous when asking a girl out. And it is perfectly normal. Really, what if she says ‘no.’ Or what if she says ‘yes,’ but won’t come? Or maybe she says ‘yes,’ will come but will be bored. Not everyone knows how he would handle a rejection if any follows.

But with positive attitude and a little preparation there are high chances she won’t say ‘no’ to you.

Here are a few tips and recommendations

1. Preparing
First of all, decide why you want to ask her out, what you want from her, what should be your strategy, what do you expect from her.
Try to look good. Appearance counts. You will have more chances if you look nice. You don’t have to be Brad Pitt, but it won’t hurt to brush up a bit.

Decide where you want to go with her if she says yes. Try to take into account her interests. Dinner and movie can be a neutral variant but you might want to make the first date something more creative.

Be ready with time and date as well as be ready with alternative is she has a hectic schedule.
Decide how you will react if she rejects.

2. Approaching a girl
Now when all the preparations are done, approach your girl. Make sure it is the right moment. Don’t approach her if she is with her friends or when she is in a hurry. You have to have some few quiet minutes one on one. Be positive. Smile. Crack a joke first, make her feel comfortable. Make a compliment. Flirt a bit. See how she reacts. See if she responds to you. Keep an eye contact.

3. Asking a girl
Be confident and be yourself. Do not pretend to be someone else. When you are ready go ahead and just ask. Here are a few variant of how you could do it:

• Hey, why don’t you come to a movie with me this weekend?
• I heard there is this new show in…., do you want to come?
• I was wondering if you would go with me to the concert/movie/ballet/play/etc?

The list can continue, you just make sure you suggest something she would definitely like. Don’t make it a big deal, yet don’t act as if does not matter to you. Keep it casual.

If she agrees, come up with time and date that you have in mind. If she says ‘no,’ keep your cool. Don’t get nasty. Remain friendly. Say something like “okay, no problem, maybe another time.” Just do not leave the same moment. Keep talking about something else for a while, and then find an excuse and leave.

All in all you will need a little bit of courage, some confidence, and your very best self. Believe in yourself and don’t make it the most important thing of your life even if you really like this girl a lot. The worst that can happen is that she will say ‘no,’ it is not like the hell suddenly went loose. You will have your second chance if you are interested, or you just move to another girl.