Are You An Overly Obsessive Person?

I’m not talking about your love for your favorite sports team. I’m not talking about your obsession with the internet or the four Mac computers that you own for no reason other than to know that you own four Mac computers.

I’m talking about an obsession about something negative. What about you do you not like?

Maybe you don’t like your hair, maybe you don’t like your height, maybe your eyebrows are too bushy, maybe your legs are too skinny, whatever it might be.

Then you use that obsession of yours as an excuse to basically stop trying to talk to women. You actually think that when you approach a woman, the first thing she’s thinking is, “My God, that guy has got strange eyebrows,” or, “Wow, that guy is really way too short to be talking to me,” or “Man, that guy’s got some funky weird hair.”

You immediately think that people are focusing on and talking about your private obsession and your number one insecurity.

Well, let’s dial in a little bit of reality here: They’re not. This isn’t grade school when you’re being teased for having a hook nose, or being the bushy eyebrow kid or whatever. They’re adults. Nobody’s teasing you on this, and what you’re doing is allowing your insecurity obsession to dictate every single conversation you have with women.

The problem is that when you walk up to a woman, and you’ve got this insecurity right there at the forefront, all she’s reading is that you’re insecure. That’s all she’s doing. Subconsciously, your body language is that of a very insecure person, so what’s really happening is that she’s being captured by a feeling about you. Women are all about feelings and emotions, and that feeling and emotion that she is having right now, as you’re standing there thinking about your obsession, is that she’s in the presence of a man who isn’t confident. She’s in the presence of a man who’s very insecure, and that’s why she’s turned off.

Later on, sure, she may tell her friends, “Oh yeah, this guy approached me today, he was really awkward and he just had no balls at all.” What she’s not going to say is , “Hey this guy approached me today, and he just had the bushiest eyebrows I’ve ever seen!” Or, “This guy approached me today and wow was he balding, and you know how I feel about balding guys.”

They don’t say that. So the number one thing you can do right now is you’ve got to embrace your insecurity, and you’ve got to realize there’s probably nothing you can do about whatever it is about yourself that you’re obsessed about. You’ve got to love it, you got to own it, and you got to realize the only person thinking about it and talking about it all day long is you. It’s only you that is thinking about it. It’s your negative programming, and nothing more.

Love it, embrace it, and own it. Then walk over with confidence and turn around and say to yourself, women love bushy eyebrows, women love bald guys, women love short guys.

Own it guys.