Are You A Giant Or A Bronco?

What a weekend of football games. It was insane!

First off, who would have ever thought the 49ers could march down on the Saints with a minute and a half to go—especially with Alex Smith at quarterback. If you want to talk about redemption, look at Alex Smith’s story. Seven years in the NFL, with seven offensive coordinators, under seven different systems, and everybody told them told him that they don’t think he can play quarterback in the NFL. Jim Harbaugh comes in and says, “You’re my quarterback—even though we drafted somebody else—you’re still my quarterback.”

If you want to talk about never giving up, ever, look at Alex Smith’s story. He never stopped believing in himself, even when they booed him out of Candlestick Park. They chastised him on ESPN. He basically was playing in the shadows of Aaron Rogers who the 49ers decided not to draft with the number one overall pick. If you want to talk about really, really fighting for seven straight years and never giving up, that’s Alex Smith.

Now what about you? How does this relate to you? And how does this relate to your life? Well, how quickly do you give up? How quickly do you walk over to a woman and try to talk to her and then all of a sudden think “it doesn’t work” and then go home and basically listen to your own press. It’s like you’ve got ESPN commentators—Chris Carter—commenting in your head non-stop. Mike Golic saying that there’s no way in the world you belong in the National Pickup League (the NPL). There’s no way you belong. Women are never going to be attracted to you. Women are never going to want to be with you.

How often do you fall for that? How often do you fall for your negative self-talk? Or are you like Alex Smith and do you look at everybody and say, “I don’t care how long it is, I’m going to find a system that works for me.” And in this case, it could be a pickup system. It could be the natural approach that I talked about; it could be a pickup system that one of the pickup artist guys talked to you about.

How many systems are you going try before you finally figure out one that works for you? Which coach is the right coach for you? Which one is the one that’s going to motivate you so you can finally go out and meet women?

How much do you believe in yourself? That is the key. It’s about believing in yourself consistently and knowing that until you find the right system, you’re going to keep at it. You don’t care about rejection at all. Rejection means nothing to you.

Pretend that you have 65,000 49er fans screaming and booing in your ear and say to yourself, “I could care less because I know that I can meet women. I know that with all this hard work I’m going to find a system that works for me. And I’m going to find somebody that believes in me.”

I’ve been coaching for 14 years. I know that it takes the right system to make it works. Find it, whether it’s mine or somebody else’s. Go find that right system and do not quit.