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Hey there,

Thanks for stopping by my page. I hope you are here to find out more about being a pick up artist and exactly what that means.

In my efforts to become more successful with women I put my hands on everything I could read about pick up, spent ever spare minute hanging with other men who were trying to learn about pick up, and devoted myself to self-improvement, all in the hopes of improving my game with women.

It wasn’t long before I looked around and found myself surrounded by beautiful women who liked me. More women, in fact, than I could possibly date in a week and still hold a full-time job. It got so crazy that I would actually arrange for several women to meet me at once. I would tell all my guy friends to show up and then spend the evening being a matchmaker and then leaving with the hottest girl in the room.

Seeing this overwhelming success in such a short time, other guys began to turn to me for advice. Somehow, in my own efforts to learn what women want, I had become an expert.

I was a bit surprised, but I also think it makes sense. I put enough time, energy, and passion into what I was doing, and therefore became a raging success.

As more and more guys asked me for advice and tips on what they could do to become experts, I realized I had a wealth of knowledge that I could easily share with other men through a site like this.

The first thing I want to say is that once up on a time I was probably a lot like you. Maybe not in all ways, but in some:

For instance, I was never the best looking guy in the room. I was never the most fit, best-dressed, or richest guy, either. I most definitely wasn’t the most self-confident of the bunch, but I also wasn’t the most insecure guy in the room, either. I didn’t have a whole lot about me that distinguished me from most other average-looking guys out there. In fact, that would have summed me up: Average Joe.

But I did have something that some men don’t have and this is what makes the crucial difference now between them and me: I had the desire to get better with women. It was a strong, burning desire. I was sick of always having my better-looking friends leave with the girls and me having to go home alone.

This desire to learn and improve is what sets me apart from all the other average men out there. It has made me wildly successful with women and it hasn’t cost me a ton of money, time, or energy. Just the willingness to learn and improve. That’s why I created this page so that if there are other guys like me out there, who are willing to learn and improve, I can help them do that. If you are one of these guys, you are in the right place.

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  1. Stacy Geisinger says:

    I found your website through a tweet. I love it! Would you be willing to write to a guest post?