9 Signs You’re In The Friend Zone and 1 Way To Get The Hell Of It!

By Marni

You meet a girl. You’re attracted to her. She seems into you. You hang out. You make sure to avoid acting too aggressive out of fear she’ll know you want her and then BOOM!!!! She starts dating someone else!! You were in the friend zone the whole time and didn’t even know it.

Want to know how to avoid making this mistake ever again?

Here are 9 Signs You Are In The Friend Zone with a girl you like.

Please keep in my mind, there are always exceptions to the rules and you may be one of them. But 9 out of 10 times if any of these things are happening to you, you are in the Friend Zone!

9 Signs Your In The Friend Zone

1. You Hear Phrases Like

– I can talk to you about anything
– It’s like you’re my brother
– You’re a really nice guy.
– You’re my best friend
– I met this really great guy! Do you think he’ll call?
– Why do I have no luck with men?

2. You Are Her New Shopping Buddy

If she calls you to go shopping cause she wants to show you this awesome pair of shoes that she’s not sure if she should get, you’re screwed. The only time you should be going shopping with her is if it’s for lingerie that she will be modeling for you later that night.

3. She Doesn’t Care What She Looks Like Around You

When I am into a guy there is no way in HELL I am letting him see me when I am “not at my best”. If a girl is comfortable hanging out with you with messy hair or no makeup or in her best pair of sweats, she’s totally not into you.

4. She Changes Her Clothes In Front of You

This can be a tricky one. Now if the girl you like starts to seductively start changing her clothes in front of you, then jump on it. But if she seems like she doesn’t even care about taking her clothes off in front of you, it basically means you too have a vagina. I don’t flinch when changing in front of other women. I’ll take my clothes off without giving it a second thought. But throw a guy I want into the room and that’s a horse of a different color.

5. When You Actually Watch A Full Movie Together

Any person, in their right mind, knows what it means when they get invited over to watch a movie. It means we’re about to get busy. But if she makes no effort to get close to you and gives no opening for any intimacy, then be prepared for a long hike down friendship lane.

6. If You’re Cuddling With No Benefits

When I was younger, I was the girl with tons of guy friends. I probably had cuddle sessions with at least half of them. I LOVED getting the male attention and benefits of a relationship without having to do anything. Note: If you are in the spooning position and no attempts for fun time are made. Then lucky you!! You are her new faux boyfriend until the right guy comes around.

7. She Brings You To A Party, Then Ditches You For Another Guy

Not happy to admit it, but I have done this before. There was a guy I liked that invited me to a party. None of girlfriends were available to come with me. So I called my new guy friend X to accompany me. As soon as we walked in, the guy I liked whisked me away and I ditched my new guy friend at the door.

8. She Flirts With Other Guys In Front Of You

Not in an “I am totally attempting to make you jealous” way. In an “I don’t even know you exist when these other guys around “ way.

9. She Starts Dating A New Guy

After months of hanging out and getting no action, she tells you she wants you to meet this new guy she’s been seeing. This is the sure fire clue that this girl is not into you and you are in the Friend Zone.

#1 Way To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

So what do you do about this? Why did this happen to you?

The reason why you ended up in the friend zone is because you have not demanded to be any other zone. You are a friend because you have acted like a friend. If you want to be a lover, boyfriend, sex toy, whatever, then act like it. Make your moves, go in for the kiss, stroke her hair, hold her hand, look in her eyes, put your hand on her butt, tickle her neck. Do anything that let’s her know you’re into her and don’t want to be friends. And if she doesn’t want you back, then MOVE ON!!!