3 Simple Dating Tips

The term “dating” is a very funny word. I prefer to use the term “hanging out”.

Do you know that in a lot of other cultures they don’t have set dates? It’s more casual. It’s more about hanging out. It’s more about getting to know each other in all different types of situations and then the relationship happens.

In the States — for those of you that are in America reading this—we’re very organized about dating. We have rules around dating.

A lot of guys will start learning how to approach but never learning how to date, or what women really want, and that’s the issue. When it comes down to dating, you need to really know how to do it, when to make the call, when to text.

It seems like the second most men get a phone number, all hell seems breaks loose! When do I call? How do I call? Do I text her? Do I leave a voicemail message?

So here are three simple little tips to make your dating life less complicated:

1. Always call her for the date. It’s so much easier. Plus, you can leave a fun message. And then she might text you back. But women do like old-fashioned romance. They want a guy to call. Texting is lazy. Not only that. Texting is not 100%. You never know for sure if the text is going to go through. Plus, when you text, the words can be interpreted wrong.

It’s always better to get on the phone and give her a call. And when you call her, make sure you call her sometime within 24 hours after meeting her. Don’t wait three or four days. It’s just such a waste of time. Either it’s there—the chemistry—or it’s not. Waiting three or four days is not going to increase the intrigue. She’s not going to think, God, this guy’s busy, and I really want to go out with him more. That’s a bunch of horse crap.

Every relationship I’ve ever had has been very easy. I called her the next day, we got some momentum going, we liked each other, we starting hanging out, she started calling me. There were no games. Anything I ever tried to manipulate through games or waiting or playing on didn’t last at all.

2. Make the first date really simple. Coffee. A drink. A walk. Something easy. Don’t waste money on dinner. You don’t know who she is yet. Just go somewhere where you can have a conversation. What I like to do is always find a place that I can go to and bring different people to. It might be a cool little coffee shop that’s got music. It might be a cool little wine bar. But make it something cheap, something inexpensive, and something really simple.

3. Don’t worry about the kiss. It’s not that important. Don’t worry about having to kiss close her, as a lot of PUAs will say. Don’t worry about making out with her or going for it on that first date.

What I like to do is just a simple kiss. Look in her eyes, pull her close to you, give her a kiss on the lips, smile, and tell her you had a good time. And then ask her out for the next date right away, because what happens is you’ll avoid all the speculation. When you don’t ask her out, she’ll go home, she’ll speculate about the whole date, she’ll talk about the date, and she’ll think she did something wrong. Her friends will advise her, and then the next thing you know, you call her a day later, and she doesn’t call you back because she has created an entire story that is false based on the date. Women are neurotic that way.

So if you want to make sure that you get a second date and you like her, just ask her out at the end of the first date. It really is that simple, and it’s really important to do, because then you don’t waste time; you don’t waste energy. And, you know whether or not you’re going to hang with her again.

By using these three simple tips, it’s going to make dating so much easier for you, and much more enjoyable. Have fun!